Plain Sailing: The Nautical Collection

05th Dec 2016

Combining navy & white on vacation has always been fool proof.  I love black in the city but have never been a big fan of too much black on the beach-although a steamy black bikini or one piece is always useful. For me, navy is more flattering and forgiving, with stripes being unfailingly chic. I always bear this in mind when designing a new collection and concentrate long and hard on these particular stories. One of the advantages of investing in this colour palette for part of your vacation wardrobe is that it’s versatile and you can build on it season after season. Maybe start with a navy, a white or a striped bikini with a navy or white one piece. Search for the most flattering white shorts you can find, a white cotton cover up and maybe some relaxed white beach pants. Then, you’re all set to add maybe a navy embellished kaftan, a white crochet mini and….well, you can just keep going. Everything goes with everything and, of course, you can pull things out of this story to wear with many other pieces in different hues too.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite pieces from the collection:




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